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CASA LOGO CASA was designed by the Department of Mathematics to provide academic support to its students. CASA offers two main services: that of tutoring and testing.

CASA Tutoring Center offers tutoring to all students enrolled in undergraduate mathematics courses. It is located in room 222 Ė Garrison Gym. Students can seek one-on-one tutoring for help with homework and exams preparation for their math classes. Students can also use the workstation with more than 35 computers to access course materials, watch streaming lectures, or take their weekly online quizzes.

CASA Testing Center has 2 locations. The CASA Testing Center at GAR location (CASA-GAR) is located next door to the Tutoring Center in room 221. The second location, CASA Testing Center at CBB location (CASA-CBB), is located in the Classroom and Business Building, room 242. The facility is constantly adapting to the needs of its clients to provide a smooth and comfortable testing experience.

If you are a student and plan to visit CASA, please familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations. Students seeking employment should check the appropriate link to see if the job openings are available.

We hope you find our services helpful. Our aim has always been to help you.

Tutoring Center Rules

Tutoring Center
Students: Please read our updated rules for the CASA Tutoring Center.
  • Important: Any new student must register his/her their Photo and FingerPrint prior to check-in the Tutoring Center. This is a ONE TIME process at CASA Testing Center, room 222.
  • A Cougar One ID card or Peoplesoft ID is required to check in.
  • Only students currently enrolled in undergraduate mathematics courses offered by UH - Math Department are eligible for help (i.e. MATHxxxx). There are no exceptions to this rule!
  • Tutors are not expected to do your online quizzes while they are in process, to do your assignments or to teach you material you have not studied.
  • Cell phone must be turned off or on silent mode.
  • Bring your own books and supplies.
  • No food and/or drinks allowed.
  • Raise your hand for assistance.
NOTE: For any non-math tutoring, please go to Learning Support Services, N109 Cougar Village

Tutoring Center
The Goal of the Mathematics Departmentís Tutoring Center is to help students learn math. Please note that we only tutor students who are enrolled in a University of Houston undergraduate math class.

What to expect
  • A friendly staff eager to help you succeed in math.
  • Tutoring done in a clear, patient, and understandable manner.
  • One on one or grouping tutoring.
  • Time to sit down with a tutor and ask specific questions.
  • Computers on hand for quiz-taking or for viewing online lectures.
Fall and Spring Summer
Monday 9am - 7pm Monday 9am - 3pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm Tuesday 9am - 3pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm Thursday 9am - 3pm
Friday 9am - 2pm Friday 9am - 3pm

Closed On Weekends

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Homework Format

Q. Which form I need to submit homework for my class?

A. Since Spring 2011, all homework for undergraduate Math classes (13xx, 14xx and others) has been changed to EMCF Ė Electronic Multiple Choice Form. Log into your courseware account at CASA website and access the answer sheet by clicking on the EMCF tab.

Turning In Homework

Q. May I turn in my homework early/late?

A. Homework due date is written on the syllabus. It is studentsí responsibility to enter their answers electronically by the deadline. Late work or early work will not be accepted.

Q. When I submit my homework, I receive this message "Your questions are not available". What should I do?

A. This means you have submitted your homework either early or the time to submit your homework has expired. If you think there is an error, contact your instructor.


Popper Format

Q. Where can I purchase the popper scantrons?

A. Students can purchase scantron packet for their enrolled class in the University Copy Center in the Welcome Center (currently available for Math and Chemistry classes only).

Q. Which popper form should I buy?

A. Each course is designed with different color scantron, make sure you choose the correct section printed on the middle top of the scantron form. Read the syllabus or contact your instructor.

Q. Do I have to fill out the top portion of the scantron?

A. Yes. Please fill out everything in the top portion of the scantron, your student/peoplesoft ID and popper number. If this information is missing or incorrect, your pooper may not get graded.Remember to use a #2 pencil, and bubble as dark and carefully as you can.

Turning In Popper

Q. May I turn in my popper at CASA?

A. No. Your popper must be turned in with your class. Popper not turned in with your class is considered late and will not be graded. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q. May I turn in my popper to a different class than that I am registered for?

A. No. Even if your instructor has another section in the same course, you must turn in your popper to the section in which you are officially enrolled. If CASA receives a popper that is not in the correct section, it will not be graded.

Q. Is it true that some popper grades are dropped?

A. Although this is an unofficial policy, in the past a handful of the lowest popper scores have been dropped at the end of the semester. This practice is designed to address popper missed due to personal emergencies. Check with your instructor to determine the number dropped.

Weekly Online Quizzes

Q. Why do I have to take Course Policy Quiz? Can I skip this quiz?

A. This first quiz is designed for all Math 13xx classes, you must make a 100 on this quiz to be allowed to use CourseWare for your online assignments, including other quizzes, practice exams, and any online tests.

Q. I didnít do well in my first attempt. May I redo my quiz?

A. You will have up to 20 attempts on each quiz. The highest grade will be used for your score.

Grades Posted Online

Q. When will my popper scores be available on line?

A. Poppers turned in will be graded and posted within three working days. However, due to large work load during testing periods, it may take up to a week to post the grade.

Q. Where can I view my graded popper/test?

A. CASA will scan your popper and upload it to your Courseware account. View your grade and popper scantron image in the Courseware gradebook.

Q. Iím sure I submitted my popper with the class, but my grade is not posted while my classmatesí are. Who should I talk to?

A. It is possible that your popper could not be scanned. CASA returns all scantrons that are problematic to the appropriate instructor. Please see your instructor regarding to your missing grades.

Q. When will my test scores be available on line?

A. Scores will be posted in the grade book on Courseware approximately one week after the testing period closes.

Petitioning Popper & Free Response Test Grade

Q. Can I submit a petition regarding popper/test grades?

A.Yes. If you suspect that there was a grading error on one of your poppers or tests, you should contact your instructor.

Q. I'm sure that my popper/test grade was better than the grade posted. Who should I talk to?

A. First ask a CASA tutor to explain the problem to you. If the tutor finds that the problem was done correctly, or if you suspect that too many points were taken off, contact your instructor.

Q. Can I talk to a grader about my score?

A. No. If you think that your work was graded incorrectly, contact your instructor.

Q. Do I need to file a test petition?

A. No. Contact your instructor directly about any problem you have with your Free Response Test grade as soon as your test is available for viewing.

Test Grades Supplement

Q. Do I need to show my work on the free response portion of my test?

A. Yes. If you do not show your work, you will likely receive a zero for that part of the test. Show all your steps in a clear, logical manner.

Q. May I show my work on my scratch paper?

A. No. The scratch paper will be thrown away after your test and will not be considered. Show all necessary work on the free response sheet.

Q. How can I find out how I did on my test?

A. You must login to your courseware account to retrieve your score. If there was no free response portion to your test, then the courseware score will be your total score. However, if your test had a free response portion, then the courseware score will only represent the points for your multiple choice portion, not the total. To calculate the total score, you must add the free response portion to your multiple choice portion to arrive at your total.

Q. Where can I pick up the free response portion of my test?

A. The free response portion of your test will not be returned to the student. However, the free response portion of your test images will be available to view in your Courseware gradebook.

Q. When will my free response portion be graded?

A. Although it is unlikely to give an exact time, we are usually able to grade and return the exams between 2 to 5 business days after the end of the testing period. We will contact your instructor when they are ready, and you can view it in your gradebook periodically.


If you are unsatisfied with a test grade, contact your instructor.

Testing Center Rules

Tutoring Center
Students: Please read our updated rules for the CASA testing center.
  • Important: Any student who is required to take exam at the CASA Testing Center must register his/her their Photo and FingerPrint prior to the testing date. This is a ONE TIME process only.

  • A Photo ID card is required to check in.

  • CASA exams are given by RESERVATIONS ONLY. You must schedule your exam in advance using the exam scheduler in Courseware account.

  • Check-in starts 20 minutes before your scheduled exam time. As a courtesy, we allow you to check-in no later than 15 minutes after your reservation, based on the CASA FRONT DESK wall clock. No exceptions!

  • No food and/or drinks allowed in the Testing Center.

  • Exams begin on the hour: If you arrive late, you may have the possibility of rescheduling your exam. There is NO "standby" provision. No exceptions!

  • Only items essential to testing are permitted at the testing workstations. Students are not permitted to bring any personal belongings to the Testing Center. Items such as briefcases, notebooks, backpacks, purses, calculators (unless instructed otherwise), pagers, cell phones, recording devices, photography equipment, and any other prohibitive item that is not related to the testing session must be placed at the check-in desk.

  • Raise your hand for assistance.

  • Return all testing materials, scratch paper, etc. and aids to a proctor at the check-out desk at the end of your testing session.

  • The CASA Testing Center is not responsible for any lost or misplaced personal belongings.

  • Important: ETC - Electronic Testing Center for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (Agnes Arnold Hall Room 101) is not affiliated to CASA Testing Center. (CLICK HERE for ETC site)

Testing Center Hours

Hosting over 120 workstations, the CASA Testing Center serves as the testing location for many courses in Mathematics, Science and Business.

If youíre required to take an exam at the Testing Center, please access Courseware to obtain an account and access the test scheduler.
Fall and Spring Summer
Monday 9am - 6pm Monday 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm Tuesday 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm Wednesday 9am - 2pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm Thursday 9am - 2pm
Friday 9am - 6pm Friday 9am - 2pm
Saturday By Reservation Only Saturday By Reservation Only

Closed On Sunday


Q. Who needs to register with CASA?

A. Any student who is required to take exam at the CASA Testing Center must register with CASA.

Q. How do I register with CASA?

A. If this is the first time you are scheduling your exam with CASA, you need to log on to the CASA website at and register to obtain your login id and password. Click on "NEW USERS: Click here to register".

Q. Do I need a new CASA account every semester?

A. No, you don't need a new CASA account every semester. You can use the same user id and password every semester.

Q. Do I need to register Photo and FingerPrint every semester?

A. No, if you have registered in the past, you donít have to redo it every semester.

Q. Forgot your Login id?

A. If you have already registered with CASA, you can retrieve your login id by going to the CASA website at and click on "Login id Reminder".

Q. Forgot your password?

A. If you have already registered with CASA, go to the CASA website at and click on "Reset Password", you should instantly receive your new password to the email address that you used to register with CASA.

Q. Forgot the email address you registered with CASA?

A. Email Techsupport at with your full name and your PeopleSoft ID or come to the CASA front desk for assistance.

Q. What are the hours of operation for CASA Testing Center?

A. Go to the CASA website at and view the hours of operation for current semester.

Q. How to schedule a test?

A. Once you login to your Courseware account at, click on the course for which you want to schedule a test, click on "Proctored Exams" and select a date and time.

Q. When can I schedule for a test?

A. You will have about two weeks before the exam during which you can make your reservation. Login to your Courseware account at, click on "Proctored exam" select an exam and check to see when the system allows you to schedule for your test.

Q. Can I reschedule my test?

A. Yes, you reschedule a test the same way as scheduling a test; depending upon the availability of seats until the last day of the test.

Q. What are the instructions for testing at CASA?

A. You will need your Photo ID and your cell phone must be completely turned off when entering the testing area. You will also need a pen or pencil. Scratch papers will be provided. For further instructions, please come to the CASA front desk.

Q. What if I forget to make a reservation for my exam before the deadline?

A. The latest date/time to make a reservation for any exam is the date/time before the actual exam date/time. However, it is highly recommended that all students schedule for their test as soon as the online scheduler is available to avoid the peak time and to maximize your chance getting reservation.

Q. Iím sure I scheduled for my test but itís not showing up in my Proctored Exams now. What should I do?

A. Itís studentís responsibility to make sure he/she scheduled correctly. After choosing the date and time for your test, you should be able to see the message: "You have successfully scheduled for Ö". Check back at Proctored Exams tab to verify. Any unscheduled exam will not be taken. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q. What if I missed my exam?

A. If you missed your exam time for any reason, itís your responsibility to check the online scheduler for another available testing time. CASA staff WILL NOT be able to assist you with rescheduling your missed exam.

Q. What if I missed the last slot to take the test?

A. You need to contact your instructor. Students who miss their scheduled time or fail to schedule for an exam will be subject to the policy of their instructor.

Q. Where to look up my grades?

A. Login to your Courseware account at, select your class section, and click on Grades.

Q. When can I view my exam?

A. You can view the multiple choice portion of your exam only after the testing period has ended. The Free Response portion, if applicable, will take several days after the end of the testing period to get graded and posted.

Q. How long does it take to grade the free response?

A. Although it is unlikely to give an exact time, we are usually able to grade the exams between 2 to 5 business days after the end of the testing period.

Q. Where can I view my exam?

A. Login to your Courseware account at, select your section, click on "Grades", and click on "View". You will be able to view the image of your exam scantron, if applicable.

Q. What do I do if I have questions or concerns regarding CASA?

A. You can either email TechSupport at or to better assist you with your questions/concerns, come to the CASA Testing Center front desk, room 221 Garrison Gym. Check the hours of operation for the current semester. Click on "Hours" tab for hours of operation.


If you are unsatisfied with a test grade, contact your instructor.


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[Click Here To Go To Online Math Help]
[Click Here To Go To UH - Dept. of Mathematics Website]

Garrison Gym

Garrison Gymnasium
GAR - Building 532


(for directions, please click on the image above)

3855 Holman St.
Garrison Rm 221 & 222
Houston, TX 77204

The Tutoring Center is located on the second floor of Garrison Gym in Room 222.
The Testing Center, CASA-GAR, is next door in Room 221.


Classroom and Business Building
Room 242


(for directions, please click on the image above)

Tutoring Center:Cindy Nguyen:
Testing Center:Tech Support Email:

Summer 2015 No Hiring.

  • General:

    • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at UH.

    • Maintain good attendance and punctuality.

    • Work minimum 15 hours /week, maximum 20 hours /week.

    • Must be available for any daily block schedule (for proctor and receptionist positions) 8:30 - 12, 12 - 3:30, 3:30 - 7:30.

    • Take a math assessment after an interview (tutor position only). You must pass this test in order to work at CASA.

    • Undergraduate Students: Must work 20 hrs in a tutor and/or a proctor position to qualify for in-state tuition waiver(Only CASA-GAR location). Please check with your major department for any other requirements.

    • Graduate Students: Currently offers GA - Non Exempts Title.

    • Attend the Staff Mandatory Orientation before semester starts.

    • Positions available at GAR location: Tutor, Proctor and Receptionist.

    • Positions available at CBB location: Proctor.

    • Applicant can only choose either location to apply but NOT both.

  • Receptionist: Handle front desk duties at CASA Tutoring Center.

    • Requirement(s): clearly speak English and be friendly.

  • Tutor: Assist student one-on-one basis with all levels of undergraduate mathematics in a kind and friendly manner, be expert in the level assigned, take weekly quizzes every Friday.

    • Requirement(s): depend on which level you would like to apply, a minimum skill of these math classes is required

      • Statistics Tutor (Green): Math 1330, Math 2311, Math 1313

      • Junior Tutor (Blue): Math 1310, Math 1330, and Math 1431

      • Senior Tutor (Orange): Blue Level + Math 1432, Math 2433, Math 3321 and above
        (CLICK HERE to direct to Curriculum courses page)

  • Proctor: Assist in administering tests in the Testing Center as well as grading tests of freshman level math courses.

    • Requirement(s): a minimum skill of freshman level mathematics up to Math 1330.
Important Dates for SPRING 2015:
  • Staff Mandatory Orientation: Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. Time: 10 - 1 PM

  • Submission Application Deadline for returning employees: Dec. 15, 2014.

  • Submission Application Deadline for new employees: until all positions are filled.

  • New Hiring Process: Jan. 6th 2015 until all positions are filled.
    Selected Applicants for interview will be contacted via email within 2 to 5 days prior to interview scheduled. Due to the volume of applications and/or limited opening positions, reschedule interview may not possible.
Hiring Range: $9.00 - $12.00

Should you have any questions, please contact Cindy Nguyen by email (

We regret that due to the volume of applications received, we may not be able to respond to every applicant. DO NOT CONTACT US REGARDING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS.

The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Minorities, women, veterans, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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