09:01:49  From ggssg : very interested
09:01:51  From Nancy Stephenson : https://tinyurl.com/CalcDropbox-NStephenson 
09:03:35  From Suzanne : I'd definitely be interested in that conference style workshop day!!
09:08:26  From Beth Lamy : San Antonio
09:08:27  From Jennifer Nicholson : Fort Worth, TX
09:08:28  From Amy Aichinger : Palatine, IL
09:08:29  From Linda Conklan : Tuscaloosa, AL Roll TIde!!!
09:08:30  From Jim Dang : Katy, Texas
09:08:32  From Leann Beaven : Newburgh Indiana
09:08:34  From Maitriyee Mishra : waxhaw -NC
09:08:34  From ggssg : Boca Raton, FL
09:08:36  From LAUREN EHRLICH : Fort Worth, TX
09:08:36  From Wilhelm Leyson : New York
09:08:37  From Mary Gillespie : Friendswood, Texas (south of Houston)
09:08:37  From Lou.Armstrong : Louisville, Kentucky
09:08:39  From Suzanne : East Brunswick NJ
09:08:40  From Inna Savinskaya : Passaic,NJ
09:08:40  From Alyona Atsalis : San Antonio, TX
09:08:41  From Jim : New York
09:08:41  From Ryan Peterson : Fort Worth, TX
09:08:41  From J Vasquez : New Jersey
09:08:43  From Gina Young-Kelly : Atlanta, GA
09:08:43  From Geri : Livingston NJ
09:08:43  From guttall : Hi Leena from CA
09:08:43  From Maureen Bies (NY) : Long Island NY
09:08:47  From Kai-Yu Han : Houston, TX
09:08:47  From Janessa Tucker : I was in Kingwood for years, noe Fort Worth
09:08:49  From Catherine Baker : Nederland,TX. About 90 minutes east of Houston.
09:08:51  From Margaret Thurman : Killeen tx
09:08:52  From Martha : San Antonio
09:08:54  From Daniel Fredrickson : Cypress, TX
09:08:54  From Stephanie : Alexandria, LA
09:09:35  From guttall : I am not able to open the link.
09:09:38  From Nancy Stephenson : https://tinyurl.com/CalcDropbox-NStephenson 
09:10:09  From guttall : yes
09:10:25  From James West : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g2qf9170x8rpj85/AABdkqow-i3ulAqbm8CB9Iiaa 
09:10:46  From James West : In case the tinyurl gives a problem.
09:16:22  From Jeff Morgan : Nancy's Drop Box Link is Posted under her presentation title at https://houstonact.org 
09:16:38  From Jeff Morgan : Reload the page if necessary.
09:18:35  From Mary Gillespie : Totally agree! The Facebook group is fabulous!
09:18:55  From Suzanne : the group is PD in and of itself!! I've learned so much!!
09:21:19  From Suzanne : I believe you can search on your computer, not on your ipad
09:21:28  From ggssg : yes
09:21:53  From Maureen Bies (NY) : That group is awesome! Especially in Spring 2020!! The support for the edited exam was invaluable.
09:23:48  From Suzanne : Would there be any way those workshops could be recorded so those that can't attend could benefit? I'd love to be able to "attend" …
09:24:33  From ggssg : yes
09:24:57  From Jeff Morgan : Nancy's Drop Box Link is Posted under her presentation title at https://houstonact.org 
Reload the page if necessary.
09:26:45  From Jeff Morgan : My students think I'm a God any time I add fractions in my head...
09:36:02  From Maureen Bies (NY) : Students being very comfortable with their calculator of choice is essential to their confidence and success. I have a lesson planned for next Tuesday just going over what the calculator can do that we should already know. Its a loss stress lesson before Thanksgiving.
09:46:04  From Amy Aichinger : total amount
09:46:42  From Chris Pinto : At t = #, is your (context) increasing/decreasing?
09:49:13  From guttall : Copy error?
09:49:23  From Linda Conklan : I point out linkage errors with my Honors Geometry, Alg II, and PreCal students so that they are aware throughout their math classes.
09:51:00  From Catherine Baker : Those pens are amazing! They are my exclusive "key making" pens!
09:51:44  From Catherine Baker : I have been a reader 3 times. Twice in person and once at-home.
09:51:46  From guttall : I have been reading for 10 years.
09:52:00  From guttall : Love Virge!
09:53:39  From Jennifer Nicholson : It also helps contextually - Where are we starting? Then what change is happening and what calculus do we need to do to determine that change?
09:53:51  From Maitriyee Mishra : I am still waiting I am in reader pool
09:54:07  From Maureen Bies (NY) : Ive been on the call list but havent had a chance to be a reader. And those frixion pens are the only ones our department uses.
09:54:53  From Maureen Bies (NY) : I have to leave - so sad - I have a school event I have to attend. Have a great day people.
09:57:53  From Catherine Baker : No matter what I say, my students tend to justify max/min on these with a "relative max/min" reasoning, instead of using the candidates test. What throws them off is that the question doesn't say "absolute max/min". Any suggestions on what I can say differently?
09:59:20  From Jeff Morgan : Nancy's Drop Box Link is Posted under her presentation title at https://houstonact.org 
Reload the page if necessary.
10:03:54  From Alyona Atsalis : Is there an Algebra/Geometry/PreCalculus formula chart which includes all formulas students need to know for Calculus AB/BC?
10:07:09  From Lou.Armstrong : I use Cedric's SYMKC (Stuff You Must Know Cold) sheets. https://www.math.uh.edu/~jmorgan/Rice/symkckeys.PDF 
10:09:26  From Leann Beaven : I love the idea of introducing rate in/rate out like this for the students that struggle with the basic ideas of initial amount, rate in, rate out all at the same time.....this is a great step into that big concept. I also like discussing the meaning of those expressions without calculating. My students often struggle with this. This is a good way to do it with out overwhelming them with the calculations to.
10:10:29  From Alyona Atsalis : Thank you!
10:11:42  From Geri : Would you please read the corrections on the limits of integration please? Thank you
10:12:31  From TJ Onen : Each upper limit should be the time given in the first column
10:12:49  From Jim Dang : I agree with you Nancy. Usually, when they ask, they will be asking for the absolute maximum or absolute minimum.
10:14:22  From Geri : Thank you.
10:15:17  From Melani James : thanks TJ. great.
10:16:14  From Catherine Baker : Thank you!
10:16:25  From Suzanne : Awesome!! Thanks!!
10:16:33  From Maitriyee Mishra : Thank you so much for sharing!!
10:20:38  From Suzanne : YES!!! And Geometry!
10:20:40  From Ryan Peterson : I have middle school math with pizzazz
10:20:42  From Jim Dang : I remember that book.
10:22:00  From Jeff Morgan : Nancy's Drop Box Link is Posted under her presentation title at https://houstonact.org 
Reload the page if necessary.
10:22:12  From Jeff Morgan : Back in 20 minutes
10:22:45  From Suzanne : would you be able to share the link to the pizzazz pdfs?
10:24:06  From Jim Dang : Suzanne, you can google "Algebra with Pizzazz" and I see the PDF's.
10:24:53  From Jim : Link to Pizzazz
10:24:56  From Jim : https://portal.mywccc.org/High%20School%20Academic%20Departments/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2FHigh%20School%20Academic%20Departments%2FMath%2FTarkin%20SharedDocs%2FAlgebra%20With%20Pizzazz&FolderCTID=0x012000ACF08719F06C8341874F74542987293A&View=%7B31EA4615-73AA-44B5-A667-650ED27411FC%7D 
10:26:12  From guttall : Yes, I use Bryan's Calculus Clue problems and kids love it.
10:28:13  From guttall : This is very clever Nancy!
10:28:19  From Suzanne : thx! found em!
10:30:05  From Beth Lamy : Mine really struggle with factoring too..’
10:41:09  From James West : https://forms.office.com/r/0Zs4qzd4Gh 
10:44:49  From Martha : I love that Windows Shift S.
10:57:13  From Pam Benne : I love Calc Medic!
10:57:33  From Chris Pinto : Yes! Calc and Stats medic are great for half days or quick re-teaches
10:58:14  From Gina Young-Kelly : Yes. I use FlippedMath.
10:58:17  From Ashley Lardizabal : Yes I have used both but prefer flipped math
11:10:32  From Linda Conklan : Also, my students would attempt to find that antiderivative rather than letting the calculator give the answer.
11:10:42  From Suzanne : A colleague of mine suggested students ALWAYS put rate in in y1 and rate out in y2. Then y3 = y1-y2
11:16:21  From Jeff Morgan : Use this link to get a certificate for attending: https://forms.office.com/r/0Zs4qzd4Gh 
11:24:05  From Pam Benne : Favorite tweet about this FRQ was the one with a fish with legs "leaving the lake"!
11:26:59  From Catherine Baker : I say exactly what you say. Pay attention to the units and that will tell you whether to use slope or integrate.
11:28:42  From Jennifer Nicholson : I say when you use the average value formula you find the average of whatever the function you are integrating represents. For example, if you have a rate function, then using the average value actually finds average rate.
11:32:06  From Jennifer Nicholson : I also have them label their given functions with amount or rate
11:34:28  From Anne Nguyen : How do you store on the Nspire? We don't have TI84
11:34:52  From Jim : ctrl-var
11:36:46  From Anne Nguyen : Thank you.
11:37:06  From Jim : On a graph, after finding intersection point, click on x or y variable, and can just press VAR or CTRL-Var to store variable.
11:41:10  From Ryan Peterson : Thank you, Jim. I always wondered how to store an intersection point
11:43:24  From Suzanne : Does anyone know if TI is still offering the 84 keypad w/ purchase of an Inspire? I have a student w/ an Inspire, but I don't have one and he'd like to follow along w/ keystrokes w/ rest of class.
11:43:58  From Jeff Morgan : Use this link to get a certificate for today's workshop: https://forms.office.com/r/0Zs4qzd4Gh 
11:44:08  From Jim : may find the keypad on ebay.
11:44:18  From Catherine Baker : Nspires are not made with interchangeable key pads anymore.
11:44:32  From Suzanne : thx everyone!
11:47:10  From James West : https://forms.office.com/r/0Zs4qzd4Gh
11:47:23  From James West : Here is the certificate link again.
11:49:27  From guttall : Write an expression for the number of shoppers at any time t.
11:50:04  From TJ Onen : Is the number of shoppers in the store increasing or decreasing at 9 am?
11:51:34  From TJ Onen : At what time the number of shoppers in the store is maximum?
11:52:09  From Suzanne : TJ - I was thinking the same … adding in WHAT TIME TO AVOID!! ;-)
11:55:40  From Catherine Baker : That traffic light question is from 2007 or 2008, I think.
11:56:49  From Catherine Baker : It was 2006#2.
11:58:03  From guttall : After doing similar problems, I might ask students to write their own questions.
11:58:56  From Jeff Morgan : https://forms.office.com/r/0Zs4qzd4Gh 
11:58:58  From Amy Aichinger : Thank you!
11:59:08  From guttall : Thank you so much Nancy! So nice seeing you! Missed you at the reading!
11:59:12  From Scott Phillips : Thank you
11:59:16  From Julia Torres : Thank you so much!!
11:59:18  From Jim Dang : Nancy, you are the best! Thanks so much
11:59:24  From Melani James : thank you.
11:59:25  From medhat mohamed : Thank you
11:59:28  From LAUREN EHRLICH : Thank you!
11:59:29  From Chris Pinto : Thank you!!
11:59:29  From Mary Gillespie : Thank you, Nancy!
11:59:30  From Catherine Baker : Thank you!
11:59:31  From Wilhelm Leyson : Thank you!
11:59:33  From Suzanne : Thank you everyone, especially you, Nancy, for sharing so many resources, ideas. etc.
11:59:34  From Gina Young-Kelly : Thank you for sharing!
11:59:37  From TJ Onen : Thank you so much Nancy!
11:59:39  From Maitriyee Mishra : thank you!!
11:59:45  From Pam Benne : thank you! nice to see you again!
12:00:01  From James West : Thank you!
12:00:10  From Inna Savinskaya : Thank you so much!!!
12:00:17  From Leann Beaven : This was very helpful. Thank you for all the tips and resources
12:00:27  From Ryan Peterson : Thank you!
12:00:30  From Daniel Fredrickson : Thank you, Nancy!